Hi-Fi Rush Tunes Up Xbox Game Pass with Cult of the Lamb and Prodeus in Tow

Hi-Fi Rush: Cult of the Lamb and Prodeus in Game Pass

December 8th, 2023, has become a landmark day for rhythm enthusiasts, strategy aficionados, and fans of pixelated chaos, as Xbox Game Pass unveils a trio of thrilling titles set to captivate the gaming world. Let’s take a closer look at the vibrant lineup that promises to turn our virtual worlds upside down:

Hi-Fi Rush Takes Center Stage

Tango Gameworks, renowned for their mind-bending horror experiences in The Evil Within series, steps into uncharted territory with Hi-Fi Rush. This rhythm action game introduces players to Chai, a wannabe rockstar whose body merges with a music player. Every action, from basic movement to combat, synchronizes with a pulsating soundtrack. Dodge attacks, execute combos, and level up—all harmonized with the music, creating a symphony of stylish action and toe-tapping fun.

Cult of the Lamb Sacrifices Fluff for Fun

Massive Monster welcomes players into the charming yet eerie world of Cult of the Lamb. Take on the role of a possessed lamb on a mission to build a loyal cult of forest creatures. Gather resources, construct and customize your cult grounds, and indoctrinate your fluffy followers. However, dangers lurk in the outside world, with rivals competing for power. Can you satisfy the ancient deity’s demands for sacrifices and lead your flock to fluffy, fanatical freedom?

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Prodeus Blasts Back to the 90s

For those yearning for a dose of retro first-person shooter (FPS) nostalgia, Prodeus emerges as the answer. This pixelated powerhouse throws players into a world inspired by classic shooters like Doom and Quake. Engage in brutal, fast-paced gunfights, obliterate hordes of demonic enemies with over 30 weapons, and relish the glory of sprite-based carnage in all its gory splendor.

Whether you’re craving the rhythmic excitement of Hi-Fi Rush, the strategic oddities of Cult of the Lamb, or the adrenaline-fueled chaos of Prodeus, December 8th promises a diverse and delightful journey through the gaming landscape. So, grab your controller, plug in your headphones, and get ready to groove, strategize, and shoot your way to gaming nirvana on Xbox Game Pass.

Beyond the Headliners


While Hi-Fi Rush, Cult of the Lamb, and Prodeus steal the spotlight, December 8th also brings additional gems to Xbox Game Pass. Against the Storm, a city-building game set in a world ravaged by the elements, and Tin Hearts, a Victorian-themed puzzle adventure, round out a strong lineup, ensuring there’s something for every gamer to savor this December.


Prepare to lose yourself in the rhythm, raise your sacrificial dagger, and paint the pixels red with these exciting additions to Xbox Game Pass. The beat drops, the lamb bleats, and the demons tremble—December 8th is here, and the gaming world is ready for an unforgettable experience!