Google Honors Unveiling the Inaugural Trust & Safety Research Award Winners

Google reinforces its commitment to online safety by recognizing pioneers in the field. On December 20, 2023, the tech giant unveiled the winners of its first Trust & Safety Research Awards, celebrating researchers combating digital challenges.

Diverse Recognition Across Critical Areas

In a bid to address complex online issues, Google acknowledges researchers in areas such as misinformation, online harassment, child exploitation, and algorithmic bias.

Each category witnessed groundbreaking submissions, highlighting the global dedication and ingenuity of researchers.

Misinformation and Disinformation: Dr. Maya Shankar’s Triumph at Stanford University

Dr. Maya Shankar and her team secure top honors for innovative methods combating harmful misinformation on social media.

Machine learning techniques analyze language patterns and user behavior for early detection and proactive removal of misleading content.

Online Harassment and Abuse: Dr. Emily Jackson’s Impactful Research at the University of Oxford

Dr. Emily Jackson wins for exploring the psychological impact of online harassment, particularly on marginalized communities.

Research focuses on women and LGBTQ+ individuals, aiming to develop effective intervention strategies and support systems.

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Child Exploitation and Online Safety: Dr. David Souter’s Pioneering Work at the University of Melbourne

Dr. David Souter recognized for developing sophisticated tools to identify and rescue children at risk of online exploitation.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, his research analyzes vast amounts of data to uncover patterns indicative of child endangerment.

Algorithmic Bias and Fairness: Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu’s Breakthroughs at UC Berkeley

Dr. Ifeoma Nwogu awarded for mitigating bias in machine learning algorithms, particularly in content moderation and search ranking.

Research aims to develop methods for identifying and correcting biases, ensuring fairness in various online applications.

Empowering Innovation and Collaboration: Google Trust & Safety Research Awards as Catalyst

These awards not only celebrate exceptional researchers but also inspire innovation in online safety.

Google aims to empower a new generation of researchers to tackle evolving digital challenges.

Beyond Individual Honors: Impact on Online Safety

The awards’ impact extends beyond individual researchers, informing the development of tools and strategies to combat online threats.

Google’s commitment to cutting-edge research aims to create a safer, more inclusive online space for everyone.


As Google continues to invest in research and collaboration, the Trust & Safety Research Awards mark a pivotal moment in fostering innovation. By recognizing and amplifying the groundbreaking work of researchers, Google aims to propel advancements that contribute to a safer, more trustworthy digital landscape. The honorees’ findings hold the promise of shaping a future where trust and safety prevail on the internet.